I though it was time for a quick update but i have limited internet coverage whilst travelling so it will be brief. 

Last week i spend in Sydney for its Fashion Week. A recent Fashion Film i shot for Betty Tran was due to screen on the last day of the show so i arrived to allow time to fit in an editorial behind the scenes shoot and help everyone prep for the show. 

My main duty was to ensure that the 2 minute fashion film would play without a hitch and of course the organisers needed some last minute blurring of one particular logo (sponsor conflict) so i was super glad i created a 1080 25p master file from the RED Epic 5K footage prior to avoid long render times via a laptop! I made the requested changes and got the film to the organises the day before the screening.

Show day was an early start to say the least. Organisers clearly wanted to ensure everyone was well on time for the 10am show. I had my RED Scarlet with me to capture the behind the scenes madness of hair/Make up and back stage fitting (watch out for a future MBFW BTS film). I was running the smallest rig i have ever shot with! Just Scarlet & 24 to 105 f4 L series. After capturing some media commitments placed on designer Betty Tran i go to take a seat and enjoy our Fashion Film played to the 2000 odd attendants. It certainly helped the Perth Designer (Betty Tran) stand out from the crowd and received many compliments following the show. Success!

Next up is to hold a Perth local screening of the film, then i can share all the info & film.

I'm currently travelling in Nepal and shooting some personal work (doco footage) so i will be out of contact for a few weeks now. Till then!