Day 3:

Day 3 was the last day of production and with no sound recordist required on set today we had a smaller crew to deal with for the few street and skate park shooting locations planned. This day was planned to be much more flexible as we had to find some suitable street locations to shoot in before our scheduled Skate Park location. We only had an overview of what shots we needed to capture today but it was enough to push us in the right direction. 
Luke Brooks preparing the GoPro camera for its ride on the skate board
After shooting the opening street scenes of the story my crew let me know about a nearby lane way which served to be the perfect scene for after the "incident". Once again these where an opportunistic set of shots and i was super happy with how they turned out.  Much of the street scenes were shot with the camera on a Glidecam4000. 
The main character "Josh" (Played by Isaac Money) walking down the lane way we found
It was getting to mid afternoon and we were scheduled to be at the skate park shortly after when the weather started to turn for the worst. This potentially was set to ruin a very smooth run we had going! We had extra's scheduled to arrive shortly for this scene so we where really hoping for some good luck at this point. Fortunately we manged to get to the skate park and grab a few of the other shots we needed while the weather was good just prior to our lovely extra's (Jasmine Nibali and Lauren Thomas) arriving. From there we got the remaining shots needed just in time before the rain really started pouring!!
Getting some shot before the Extra's and the rain arrived!
Our actors hanging out (Lauren Thomas, Isaac Money & Jasmine Nibaili, left to right). Myself and Matthew Cabrera shooting
Whilst working out doors today my crew did their best to use a reflector where possible and help with adding fill light on some shots where possible. And as it turns out the reflector also served as a rain shelter for the camera and myself while we worked with our extras and main character lol.
We also where fortunate enough to get some extra assistance from some real skate boards who had turned up to skate at that time anyway lol. Absolute bonus!
Luke Brooks, Sophie Pass & Lauren Curtis (left to right) excited to finish the shoot!!
Severine Weber, Lauren Curtis & Sophie Pass (left to right)
...and that's a wrap on production! I have one more post in this series to go which will give an overview of the post production side of the project. Stay tuned!