Day 2:

Our location today was once again the same house location as Day 1. Today's coverage needed to include the couple of shots we didn't get to from day 1 (In "Josh's" Bed room) and also the front lounge scenes (i.e. Interaction between "Genevie's Brother" and "Josh"). 

Myself with Tim Christian ("Genevie's Brother") (Left to right)

Today shot list had 7 shots less than Day 1 so i knew we would pickup the time we lost but we had to keep up the pace. The front lounge setup was planned to have a mostly static set up of hot lights to set the scene for the wider shots and in this case to progressively make the scene darker the lighting was adjusted slight as necessary (to create more contrasting shadows as the scene progressed). The other consideration for these scenes was to balance the gelling of the hot lights and also the colour temperature in camera so that we could cool (colour blue) the scene as it progressed. 

The final image, graded to "Warm" the mood initiallyThe original C-Log capture

Naturally for a more efficient setup we shot each actors shots consecutively in the scene where possible and then just reposition the internal LED lighting to light the other actor. We employed primarily upstage lighting to do this directing our shadows towards the camera.

Isaac Money playing the character of "Josh"

To get our set design right for this room we did spent a bit of time re-positioning items and stripping the set down to remove distractions. 

Camera wise for these shots i knew i wanted to be far looser with my shots and employ more natural movement and angles. For this i configured a hand held rod and handle setup and used mostly a 24mm and 16mm focal lengths to shoot close to my actors and exaggerate the foreground and back ground separation to help draw the viewer into the feeling of the scene.  

In one particular sequence we employed the use of the C300's interval recording settings to capture 1 frame per second and achieve a passing of time look to the footage. From past testing i knew this would achieve the look i wanted as there was a central object of focus ie. the character.

Its timely to put in a reminder of how important it is to continue to look for the best shots even if you have your shot list sorted. Some of the opportunistic shots we ended up capturing where actually the best shots in the film! This one below i remember sitting down with the camera in a similar position and felt that with some minor adjustments to the angle we could see "Josh" falling back and keep the focus on him while we overlayed "Genevie's Brother" audio over the top which i felt would really help show the helplessness of the situation. 

"Push" sequence

Lastly i am a big fan of capturing long takes (for particular scenes) and just keeping the camera rolling, talking to the actors and getting lots of material so you have the most flexibility in the edit. As planned as you think you are, most of the best cuts in the edit came from naturally occurring movements in the scenes and we simply would not of had those options if we didn't keep the camera rolling and capture those moments.  

By late afternoon we had caught up on all of our shots and started packing up all our equipment as this location was wrapped!

Stay tuned for Day 3 (Final).

Part of the Front Lounge setting