This project in fact had a very short pre-production timeframe (approx. 2 weeks) in which time we went from zero to getting the completed script, casting 3 actors, finding locations, getting permits/permissions and figuring out set design etc all sorted. It was a busy couple of weeks! The finished clips was to be between 3 to 4 minutes running time and the project to be targeted to be completed within the month. 

Slate ready to go!

Canon C300 with radio mic receiver attached.

The focus for the piece was on capturing the feeling of the lead character "Josh" (played by Isaac Money) throughout his experience. Cinematography wise i immediately knew this would mean using longer takes as the story progressed in parallel with a lighting scheme that would progressively become darker. We wanted to immerse the viewer in the story (to help convey the message) with camera movement, lighting and sound design and extract more tension as the scenes progressed. 

Isaac Money preparing for the role of "Josh"

We employed a local juvenile acting agency (Film Bites) to assist us with finding our lead actor "Josh" and my Co-Producer/Director's (Severine Weber) local acting network connections to find "Genevieve's Brother". Film Bite's promptly held a casting for the character of "Josh's" and we ended up casting Isaac Money in our lead role. Having such a comprehensive casting really helped us feel confident that we where hiring the right person for the job. Casting "Genevieve's Brother" on the other hand was a little harder despite the obvious difficulties of playing that type of character our original actor had dropped out at the last minute and we were left 1 day from production with no one to fill the role. Severine's quick action and network connections netted Tim Christian to fill this role and we couldn't have been happier to not only fill the position within the tight dead line but also to find someone who nailed the performance required! We then finally locked down a main shoot location (Residential house) and the skate park location and were back on track! 

A few last details and ideas where thrown around at a last minute production meeting and we were all set for production.

Day 1 Production Diary and pictures to follow....

Taking advantage of Craft Services! :)

Simon the soundy

Blocking out a scene, Tim Christian "Genevieve's Brother" walking through door way

Myself and Alex the soundy discussing the shot list

Severine Weber (Director/Producer), Lauren Curtis (AD) & Sophie Pass (Assistant) (Left to right) chilling on the last day

Lauren Thomas (Extra), Jasmine Nibali (Extra) & Issac Money (Josh), (left to right), posing as we prep for the last shot