Get behind this project and help get a great series made! Brian Ramage (LA producer/Director) and Philip Bloom (DP) are seeking an audience to help them raise funding on  See here for the official write up, but heres the short of it.

Brian Ramage's short film titled "Severed" gained attention for many LA producers. The plan is now to have it adapted into a 13 episode premium cable TV series titled "Riven".

These guys are real go getters in the industry and need any support that can be given to help them make the Pilot episode. 

The great thing about the project is nothing is taken for granted! By backing the project with as little as $1 you will recieve insight into how a series get made.  for only marginally higher dotation cost you can recieve extensive behind the scenes footage including blog write ups about everything from actor casting to fight training!

I for one am very interested in seeing this projects come to life and be apart of making it happen.

Please share the links and post and support the industry.