A recent trip to the New York City B&H Photo superstore lead to me leaving with a nice Redrock rail setup suitable for cinema/studio tripod work and also handheld shoulder rig configurations.

All configurations enable the use of the follow focus on 15mm rails affording numerous possible configurations for both tripod and hand held shooting along with quick switching between the various setups.

Below is the Manfrotto Tripod (501 head/546 tripod) with the DSLR tripod platform and follow focus.

DSLR tripod platform. 

The Redrock eyeSpy delux Shoulder rig is shown below with the Zacuto Z-Finder and additional Cinevate hand grip. This configuration has proven to be the simplest and most comfortable for outdoor daytime shooting.

The shoulder rig also allows the camera to be mounted inline with the shoulder support to allow the use of the Marshall monitor directly in front of your face for indoor shooting.

Between just the Delux shoulder rig and DSLR base plate numerous rig can be constructed pending on the space and mobility required.  I have found the rigs to be very versatile, allowing different type of cameras to fit them, including tradition video cameras such as our JVC-HM100 camera.