I wanted to create a web advertisement/modelling video to Promote Pleasure State Lingerie and also the model (Cassandra Spagnolo). The basic concept was simple, create a cheeky, fun and sexy feeling video where it felt like the viewer was being led into a holiday escape with a sexy girl. It's really all about promoting the fun and life style that this lingerie can help with.

The video was intended to feel soft and neutral so it didn’t distract from the models performance.


 I created a short version and an extend version to suit my intended purposes for the video. Cutting any material out was so hard to do as we got some many good shots. These are the cuts i ended up with from around 1 hour worth of usable footage. The shoot was defiantly alot of fun as usual so i had to also included a “Behind the Scenes” video.

Short Version

Extended Version


A friend of mine (Dean Kurlanski) runs a business called ARQ Designs in Perth Subiaco. The location is filled with the most cutting edge art, furniture and decor. It was a stunning location for a shoot with literally multiple mini sets all over the store. I settled on the use of the front bed mainly to fit the story and utilise the glowing back light that i was chasing.  

Set up & equipment:

I used a variety of equipment to create a different feeling to each sequence of the video. The main location work around that i had to ensure i got exactly how i wanted was to block the large shop front window that was located to the bed side. I wanted to keep the day light ambience that the windows afforded but not allow passerby to be seen in the back ground of the shots. I ended up finding a shear Curtin set from Ikea that was really cheap. I found typical shears too thin and not very effective so i grabbed a curtain that had some shear to it. It held up amazing allow me to open the aperture up and suck up as much natural light as there was at the location. In general there were sky lights and large windows throughout the location which really did helped in the respect that i didn’t have to go to extremes with the lighting. I don’t like a “lit” look to a scene and in the right scenes the shadows created set the mood i was chasing. 

I used a small amount of steadicam (HD2000), a slider and the Red Rock Micro shoulder rig. Overall I did use the shoulder rig a lot just so i could get as much coverage as i wanted to in a short amount of time. I predominantly used a 28 to 75mm f2.8 Tamron lenses on the Canon 7D at both short and long focal lengths so that i could provide an intimate feel to the model and separate the action from the back ground. The times i used the long focal length was specifically when i need to throw the back ground out of focus more. The location had some distractions in the back ground so being able to use the focus on certain shots to selectively isolate the model was a god send on a small production like this. The other lenses used was the Canon 50mm f1.8. I needed to have a large aperture lenses for in front of the curtains specifically to blow out the background behind the model (daylight & curtains) and allow the camera to see my model and not shadow! Overall there were many scenes where the background was intentionally over exposed just to provide that aura feel around her.

My lighting set up consisted of two soft boxes each with 5 daylight balanced globes. These where often positioned around 1.5m or more from the model to really soften the lighting impact on the scene. The shots with the model against the window did not have much lighting at all as i wanted the shots to be more moody.

Issues & challenges:

I’d say the main issue i had was in fact shooting the piece in 720 50p so I could utilities slow motion in post, which I hardly used in the end. I believe shooting at 720p did result in more moire issues especially with the lingerie gauzing. This was a continual challenge and many times i had to be a little soft on the focus specifically to avoid this issue. I would definitely shoot 1080 30p if i did it again and just switch to 720 50p when i need the slow motion. The lesson is to not rely on slow motion to smooth shots out if it’s going to effect the image quality. Definitely get and set up the camera support you need beforehand.