Shoot logistics & locations

There will be 5 shooting locations in the short film. Each location has been selected in terms of suitability for story as well as lighting logistics. Many of the locations will be at night. For logistics and to not frustrate my helpers i am planning to shoot all sequences over one weekend. The initial setting takes place during the day (but would like some sun flare effects) and the rest of the scenes happen at dusk and night.

Scene 1 - Busy street setting (beginning & end of film)
I had originally planned to shoot this sequence in Perth city however as i looked further into the logistic, the pressure on new actors, crowds, rangers, diverting pedestrians, it was a lot of pressure on myself to shoot my first film, so i took a step back and priorities what is essential for the story in this scene? The location had to be believable, to look busy (with the help of extras), not cast erratic shadows, have enough street or foot path room to allow me to frame the glide cam shots at about 2m from the actors, be ideally a quiet place on the weekend in order to not attract too much attention. Compared to the first setting i figured it was actually easier to bring in extras to act as my crowd than to shoot in a naturally busy setting but without all the other down sides.  I had been scouting various location at different times of the day to ensure we have enough light to work with and are still locking this location down but have a few options.
I have allowed 3hrs to do the shooting and this will be one of the last setups for the film. This location will required about 10 extras to walk past the camera and fill the frame at times. I have a shot list for this sequence so i can do all the extras work straight up and then they are free to go.

Scene 2 - Male actors own apartment
This scene needed to be at a location that show's the character to be from a wealthy back ground. I have structured this scene to be the first i shoot (between approx. 7pm to 10pm on Friday night) to allow me to shoot the balcony sequence while there is still ambient light around then go in side and shoot all other sequences (only the male actor is involved) at night, when the time of the day wont matter to the story. The male actor is a friend of mine who has never acted before, but i really believe he has what it takes. Because of this i decided to just work with him on this first shoot day and have plenty of time to do takes and get it right without much pressure on him. Once again i expect this to take around 3 hours to shoot with multiple setups involving a tripod and motion slider.

Scene 3 - Female actors house (My brothers house)
This scene needed to show that she was not from a wealthy back ground to be in complete contrast to the male actor. As there are no outdoor scenes i plan to fake this being at night. I have never worked with this actress before either but she has a number of projects under her belt, so once again i have structure working with her individually to gain a feel as to the direction she requires before the scenes where both actors are required. Similar to the male actors shoot requirements this scene will required multiple set ups.  

Scene 4 - A city lane way (Prince Lane in Perth city)
This is a long alley way that has a New York feel to it. One of the goals of the film was to have the audience ask where did you shoot this? The street in particular gels well with the story in that i will shoot multiple scenes in this one street and edit them together to make her journey appear much longer and that she has come from a rougher area.
This will be shot on a Sunday night to avoid interruption from pedestrians (lane located near the night life areas). I will require a helper to hold a LED light panel and a couple of people to act as security/equipment handlers. This scene will be shot while there is only some ambient lighting around. There are porch lights along the street however i feel its much better to shot when there is still ambient light around and use the LED panel for fill light to avoid the contrasty dark and light spots of a "Dark scene". Also to fit into the story the shot has to happen before darkness. So with very little time to work with the ambient light here i will plan all the shot required for this scene beforehand.

Scene 5 - Male actor travels to underground car park (my own apartment building car parking)
This is pretty self explanatory. The benefit here is that i am close to my home and equipment and after 5pm the under ground lights come on anyway so there is no way of telling what time it actually is which will fit the story well and have the added benefit of lighting my scene. There could possibly be an interrupt or two (people) here but this well be the last shoot on this day and we have no natural lighting constraints to work against us so we will get it.

Scene 6 - The car meet up (a location in an industrial area called Embleton)
This scene needed to feel like an out of the way place to meet up as the characters are both "escaping". I originally had this street in mind for this scene as i had been to a mates workshop on the same road previously and i knew the street would fit my requirements and then just up the road i found "the" spot. I needed a low traffic road (no through road ideal), place to pull a car off the road and some street lights around. The timing needs to be just on dark but i have additional lighting i can bring to this location if needed.

Next post will be about what equipment i have choosen.