Its been a little quiet on Media Buzz Online over the holiday break but we are back with big plans for 2011. We have had our first short film in pre-production for a few months now and have been chipping away organising shoot locations, casting actors, getting permits and locking down a shoot schedule. The journey has just began and has already proven to be a challenging and rewarding experience. To take ourselves and followers experience to the next level Media Buzz Online will document the entire film making experience with topical journal updates and behind the scenes video. The aim is to share what we learn with the community and help bring everyone to the next level no matter if your a beginner or experienced film makers.

The journal updates will follow the production of Media Buzz Online's short film entitled "100% perfect". The story unfolds between the two main characters (man and a woman), who despite their utilmate desires are trapped living the same life and re living the same mistakes. 
The male character is a high paid business man but it has came at a price he is sick of paying.  Constrained by his works constant demand for all his time he feels trapper but unfortunately its all he's ever known. 
The female character lives with her sister and is constantly under appreciated. She's the girl next door who has never let herself break away from her over bearing sister and allowed someone to really "see" her for who she is. 
On one day these two characters will be tested, challenged and ultimately question "Who's life am i living?". 
The story will be of short film length 5 to 7 minutes with no dialogue from the main actors. 
We will keep you updated as to the progress and challenges that arise during this process via this journal and the behind the scenes video and photography on shoot days. We will cover each important part of the film making process in separate posts to allow the focus to be on specific topics. First topic to cover is story boarding.