Canon 7D and JVC HM100 Comparison from Ross Metcalf on Vimeo.

 This is a comparison video to show side by side footage of these two cameras for the purpose of aiding those thinking of making the switch (Video camera to DSLR). Whilst the technical differences are obvious the focus will be on comparing these models for suitability of use for capturing common types of shots ie. Glide cam, slider, hand held etc.

The footage is straight from the camera and not colour graded. After this test and with some additional tweaking of the camera settings before colour grading i am confident i will be able to match the camera footage pretty closely when there is a need to cut them together.

It was important to optimise the in camera settings (which are vastly different) on both cameras to obtain a useful comparison. My idea was to set each camera the best i could in each scenario then compare them.

Technical differences aside this test has shown me that the difference between the two camera's is much less than i first though in the scenario's i have described earlier. The real difference i have noticed is when filming a subject (person etc) at close range, this is where the DSLR's shallower depth of field really comes into play. Barring that scenario, any footage shot on the JVC can be made to have the "cinematic" look and feel and i look forward to using the strengths of both cameras in Media Buzz Online's up coming short film.