Shoot: 25th September 2010
Director: Media Buzz Online
Editing : Media Buzz Online
Music: Custom edited royalty free track
Shoot time: 1hr
Edit time: 3hrs
This was Media Buzz Online's first real-estate video. For maximum accessibility the video was uploaded to YouTube at 720p HD resolution and received 60 hits in two days based solely on traffic directed from the estate agents online listings at and etc

As the home did not have furniture at the time of the shoot, previously taken photographs were mixed into the video to deliver a realistic feel. The home also had an uncompleted backyard so Media Buzz Online focused on extracting the essence of the home in its current state and what a prospective buyer would feel like to live there.

The video demonstrated the tranquility of the surrounding area and lifestyle the new owner would have. The key to this property was to essentuate the properties assets and show a potential owner just enough to want to come visit the property.

The property sold is sold in one week with the video helping it to stand out from any other similarly listed properties.